Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dolls for Downs Give Away!

UPDATE:  The Dolls for Downs Fundraiser has been put on hold. We did not receive many entries and are hoping that we can combine this fundraiser to give another family the chance at some fundraising. Details to come soon, but don't worry, those of you who put in entries, they will still count!
Our friend Angie is hosting an online give away to benefit Edik!
Here is the link to her blog:
Have you seen Dolls for Downs yet?  It was started by a mother of a daughter who has Down syndrome.  The daughter asked her mom "why don't any dolls look like me?"  Her mom then set out on a journey to create dolls that have Down syndrome.  It has been a work in progress for some time now and the dolls are almost ready for production.  The dolls are the same size and quality of American Girl dolls.  You can order them to look like your child.  There are many hair colors and eye colors to choose from.  You can even choose to have your doll have a scar for heart surgery if you would like.  Down the road there will be more clothing options and accessories.  Please visit the website for more information and pictures: http://www.dollsfordowns.org/
Here are the prizes:
The First place prize is the winners choice of one of the Dolls for Downs dolls.  They winner will get to choose the doll they would like. (Visit www.dollsfordowns.org to see the choices)
There is also a second place!  The second place winner will receive a beautiful handmade afghan.  See the pics below!


Here are the rules:
For every $5 donated to the Braithwaite family's FSP here: http://reecesrainbow.org/51441/sponsorbraithwaite you will get 2 entries to win!  In order for your donation to count, please Forward the Paypal receipt to: simplyvintagefun@gmail.com This way we will know how many entries you have.
You can also get 1 entry by posting a link to the fundraiser on your Facebook page or blog but you must remember to come back here and leave a comment that you shared the giveaway.
At the end of the give away a winner will be drawn through random.org.  The winner will be notified through this blog and/or through Facebook or through email if they left an email address.

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