Sunday, June 9, 2013

Enduring the Wait

Two families who submitted their paperwork 2 weeks before us, recently received travel dates for the end of July.  If the trend continues, we should receive our dates within the next 2 to 3 weeks and travel sometime in August.  We are excited to find out when we can travel and meet our Edik.  We have set up the crib in his room and are now anxiously waiting to fill it.  Luckily, we still have many things to do to get ready including packing for ourselves and preparing our other kiddos for an extended stay with their grandparents.  It is a blessing to have work to do, otherwise the wait would probably kill is.

Another adoptive mom recently said "I don't know what hurts worse, my aching heart or my empty arms."

The waiting is very difficult, in fact, it is by far the most difficult thing this mom has had to endure.  Hoping, praying, worrying for a child who is already mine in my heart is very, very, hard.  I find myself pausing to pray for our sweet baby many times each day.  I sometimes go into the room he will share with his big brother and hold his teddy bear and rock in the chair where I hope to someday soon sing him to sleep. 

A concerned friend recently asked us if the reason we have had delays in getting Edik was due to a lack of funds.  We were quick to reassure her that that is not the case.  We truly believed we would have him home with us by now or if not home, that we would be travelling in Edik's country by now.  The delays have given us time to raise more money than we would have had otherwise, which is a blessing.  But, if we had to choose between worrying about money and getting Edik more quickly-- of course we would choose our son!!! 

While we endure the waiting we have to be careful to be present for our other four sweet children.  They keep us on our toes and bring so much love into our home.  The are anxiously waiting for their baby brother. 


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  1. Oh, I hope it's soon!!! Glad for the update.